YourHealth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I properly sign up for YourHealth?

  • Hi, thanks for your interest in YourHealth. When you signed up, did you follow these steps? If you are unsure that you followed all the steps then you might be unable to log in. Go to the next question.
    1. Enter your email address; this will be the email that you use to log into the system.
    2. Create a password; make sure you save that password somewhere.
    3. Check the required box that says I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
    4. Then click Sign Up.

I signed up but my password doesn’t work.

  • Refer to previous answer If you are sure that you followed all the steps. We can check If your email is registered in our database. Please contact [email protected].
  • If after contacting us and we verify that the registration did not complete, good news is that you can register again will the steps outlined in #1 above– same email and a password.

Is YourHealth really free? Are there any additional charges to use the account?

  • The Essential YourHealth subscription is free, and always will be free. We do not charge for storing and maintaining any information that you input into your Essential Care Card.
  • YourHealth believes that personal control of your health information is critical to safety and security of you and those around you so we have made the Essential subscription and service free. We may offer you additional capabilities that will be available on paid subscription basis. These capabilities are up to you chose and if you decide you don’t want them. It will not affect your use of the free Essential services that are available to you.

I already get my prescription information from my health provider’s portal. Why do I need YourHealth’s Essential Care Card™?

  • That’s great. The YourHealth Essential Care Card provides you a tool to personally manage control of your health and wellness information from multiple resources (e.g, Cardiologist, Ophthalmologist, Orthopedist) not just one provider’s portal. You can change, delete or update your health information whenever needed as you are in control. Here are some of the key benefits you will have with the Essential Care Card:
    1. You can enhance the basic information in a health provider’s portal to include:
      1. Other important information such vitamins, supplements, over the counter treatments that may interaction poorly with other medications.
      2. Important medical instructions and directives such as DNR, DNI, religious guidance.
      3. The ability to identify the non-medical people who can provide the 360 care you deserve such as a Care Champion and a Neighbor.
      4. Often, we are traveling or in an emergency situation and need care. 
With YourHealth, no need to log in, the QR code does all the work.
      5. In today’s world we get our medical assistance from multiple sources, YourHealth enables you to have your information consolidate into a single available solution.
    2. Your medical information is available 24/7 via a QR code so that EMTs and Emergency Room personal start with a more complete health picture of your critical, summarized information from the start, so you get the right treatment as quickly as possible. You might be upset, anxious, or in pain; with the YourHealth Medical QR code, it speaks for you by showing the QR code to the appropriate care providers to scan and immediately bring up your Essential Care Card.
    3. With the Essential Care Card, you are in control of your care and needs. You can put in as much or as little information that you want, and you can add, change or delete anything, anytime.

I have a great idea for something I would like to see in your application, when can I have that?

  • Thanks for your interest in YourHealth. We appreciate hearing from our members and take their ideas and suggestions seriously. We are always looking to improve our solution and ideas like yours help us better understand the needs and desires of our members.

Why isn’t the YourHealth application available to download on the Apple App Store?

  • We built the YourHealth application so that it could work anywhere, anytime. The YourHealth solution can work on a laptop, both Windows and MacOS, an Android phone, an iOS mobile phone, with exactly the same experience and capability.

How is my YourHealth account secure?

  • Your YourHealth account is secured in three ways:
    1. Access to the YourHealth application is maintained by your email address and password on your computer and/or your mobile device.
      Access to change, delete or update your personal YourHealth information is only available through the email address and password that you created.
    2. Sending or displaying any of the three QR codes is under your control and management.
    3. The YourHealth application and your information is stored on Amazon’s AWS, their cloud based secure data storage facility. Identify is stored and hashed .

What will you do with my information? Is it safe with you?

  • Your contact and health information are safe with YourHealth. YourHealth does not sell or trade your health information, email address, or any other personal details.
  • We do send out occasional emails alerting our members to enhancements to the application or member surveys to get your feedback how we can continue to improve YourHealth. We do not spam our members.

I don’t know all of my information; can I still use the YourHealth application?

  • Put in as much as you know; you can always add to it later. In a health emergency or crisis, some information is better than none.
  • When ready to add more information, gather your medications supplements and contacts to easily add details to your personal healthcare record.

Can I change my Care Champion or Neighbor account?

  • All the information that you have put in to create your Essential Care Card is under your control. You can change who is your Care Champion or Neighbor as well as Doctors and any other medical information and care instructions.

I am concerned about putting too much information in my YourHealth personal health record (the Essential Care Card); what can I do?

  • The amount of information and instructions you put into your Essential Care Card is up to you. You are in control. Put in as much or as little information as you want. what you feel is essential and critical. You can always add or delete information at any time. The YourHealth Essential Care Card is designed to reflect your needs and desires, so do what is comfortable for you.

How do I let the individuals who I want as my Care Champion and Neighbor know that I have designated them in those roles?

  • It is important to discuss with those individuals what is the YourHealth application, what it does and what role could they be called to perform. A phone call, face to face conversation, even an email is important. Make sure that they understand the capabilities of the YourHealth app, how the QR codes work, and that they are comfortable to helping you in case of an emergency. Also, you must gain their consent to send them the appropriate QR code via SMS. There are complete instructions as to how to do this in the application.

What should I do if I lose my password?

  • If you have lost or forgotten your password, click “Reset Your Password” on the member login screen. You will receive an automated email that will allow you to reset your password. The YourHealth team cannot see or access your password data.

I have other questions about the YourHealth application, the Essential Care Card, or QR codes. How do I find out more?

Please remove my account.

  • We hate to see you go. We will delete your email address, password and all your information as well as making your QR codes inoperable. This takes about 24 hours. We hope we get the opportunity to serve you in the future.