FAQ YourHealth

How is my YourHealth account secure?

  • Your YourHealth account is secured in three ways:
    • Access to the YourHealth application is maintained by your name and password on your computer and/or your mobile device,
    • Access to change, delete or update your personal YourHealth information is only available through the email address and password that you created.
    • Sending or displaying any of the three QR codes is under your control and management.
    • The YourHealth application and your information is stored on AWS, Amazon’s cloud based secure data storage facility
    • The YourHealth staff cannot read or access your password, only you can do that.

YourHealth is free to me; are there any additional charges to use the account?

  • The Essential YourHealth app is free. YourHealth pays for the sending of your QR codes. We do not charge for storing and maintaining any information that you input into your Essential Care Card.
  • YourHealth believes that consumer powered control of your health information is critical to safety and security of you and those around you so we have made this initial subscription and service free.

I don’t know all of my information; can I still use the YourHealth application?

  • Put in as much as you know; you can always add to it later. In a health emergency or crisis, some information is better than none.
  • When ready to add more information, gather your medications supplements and contacts to easily add details to your personal healthcare record.

Can I change my Care Champion or Neighbor account?

  • All the information that you have put in to create your Essential Care Card is under your control. You can change who is your Care Champion or Neighbor as well as Doctors and any other medical information and care instructions.

I am concerned about putting too much information in my YourHealth personal health record (the Essential Care Card); what can I do?

  • The amount of information and instructions you put into your Essential Care Card is up to you. Put in what you feel is essential and critical. You can always add or delete information at any time. The YourHealth Essential Care Card is designed to reflect your needs and desires, so do what is comfortable for you.

How do I let the individuals who I want as my Care Champion and Neighbor know that I have designated them in those roles?

  • It is important to discuss with those individuals what is the YourHealth application, what it does and what role could they be called to perform. A phone call, face to face conversation, even an email is important. Make sure that they understand the capabilities of the YourHealth app, how the QR codes work, and that they are comfortable to helping you in case of an emergency.

I have other questions about the YourHealth application, the Essential Care Card, and QR codes. How do I find out more?

  • You can email us at [email protected]. We love to hear from our members; you can expect to hear back from us in one business day.