YourHealth makes it easy to get started for free and take charge of your health now. Additional plans and services will be available soon with new and exciting capabilities. You decide the best fit for your health protection. You are always in control.

YourHealth Essential

Summarize your most critical needs before a doctor visit or a trip to the emergency room. Ensure you, doctors, ER medical staff, and family members know your critical health information and care instructions.

Here’s what you get for free in the Essential Subscription:


  • YourHealth Essential Care Card — an easy way to consolidate and manage your health and wellness needs with 3 key sections
  • Designate critical contact information — name, type of contact, and way of reaching them
  • Document your medical Information — including chronic conditions, allergies, and medication, both prescribed and over-the-counter, and make notes on other critical care needs
  • Assign key contacts — Care Champion, the person you have entrusted to make your needs known in an emergency. Neighbor, someone to keep your daily life going around your home. Send or print QR Codes for Medical, Care Champion, and Neighbor to execute critical care needs

YourHealth Enhanced
(Coming Soon)

The Essential plan plus new and exciting paid features for single users that give members more control over doctor visits and emergency events. Features will include voice services, records management, and enhanced communications.


  • Ability to store health records or personal directives
  • Unlimited view of historical care records, alerts, and inbound and outbound messaging to your Care Circle
  • Searchable records to view past ECC
  • Increased selection of designated contact types, e.g., brother, sister, oncologist, and cardiologist.
    Two-way messaging for designated people; keep in touch during critical events
  • Flexible Emergency Care Card to accommodate specialized needs

YourHealth Family (Coming Soon)

They are specifically designed to enable managing all your family’s health and wellness needs with a single administrator and multi-users. Family members will have some unique communications and health record organization.


  • Ability to individualize a health and wellness solution for each family member
  • Activate alerts to the Family Plan owner when a member’s QR code for medical information is accessed.